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Dumplings, January 28

Taiwanese Dumpings

Every month we give our friends and neighbours something free to bring home. Here's what we took home from this month's Chinese dumplings workshop:

1. The tasty memory of the 120 dumplings we assembled, cooked, and ate;

2. Some shiny new food skills (like folding dumpling wrappers for a good seal);

3. Friendships, laughter, and dumpling-making street cred - with pictures to prove it!

Thanks to our friends Kevin & Megan from Hua Foundation, who showed us how to dice, tenderize and wrap our way to dumpling heaven, just in time for Chinese New Year. We think these tasty morsels are better than any gold or silver ingot that they're supposed to resemble (although I suppose gold & silver could buy you all the dumplings you wanted...).

Kevin & Megan.jpg

We loved that this super fun night gave old and new friends yet another opportunity to gather and share stories about what they ate growing up, the foods they love now, and any tasty experiments they plan to attempt in the future.

The most impressive part of it all was that only ONE out of the 120 dumplings we made burst during cooking! It must have been a mix of the awesome wrapping demo that Kevin gave us, the amount of magic fingers in the room, plus maybe a little sprinkle of an early Chinese New Year miracle in there. Whatever is was, go team!!

There's plenty of time to learn the recipe before Chinese New Year on February 19th - so get cooking, and happy year of the ram!


How Do These Work?

Our workshops are fun, collaborative and hands-on. You don't need to be an expert to teach. Have an idea for a workshop? Email us! 

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