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Pickling, November 26

Our last event of the year definitely did not disappoint! Thirty awesome food-lovers (including a 7 year old) gathered at the neighbourhood house for an evening of swapping stories, eating delicious healthy food, wielding knives, and of course, pickling!

First off, we got everyone to introduce themselves at their table and share their best/worst pickling experiences, plus pickled foods they remember from their culture or family history. Apricots, ginger, herring, it's amazing to see how universal and diverse pickling is around the world!

Jenny was her usual fantastic self and shared easy and fun information about pickling methods and brines. Our favourite moment was when someone asked how long the veggies would stay good for, and one woman answered for us by telling a story of eating her grandma's canned relish religiously, and wondering how long it had been around for. Her mom said the exact year was 1983, because as she remembered, 'We made a LOT of relish that year!' {To find out how long everything else lasts, consult!}

If we're talking numbers, we chopped up 16 litres of roasted vegetables for pickled antipasto, made 13 litres of brine, and everyone got to take at least one jar home. Before the event we also asked folks to bring extra veggies for our 'Will it Pickle?' Challenge to go in the leftover brine, so we saw cucumber, beets, asparagus, hot peppers and green beans (to make Caesars, apparently!).

What I loved about this workshop and recipe was how easy the fridge pickling method is: chop & roast the veg, make the brine, put it all in a jar, screw on the lid and stick it in the fridge.

Look at our recipe to see what I mean!

We love this adorable group shot. If you missed out, there's still one more chance to join our community before the new year! We're having a fundraiser called 'A Very FoodConn New Year' on December 30th at Graze Restaurant where they're donating 20% of dinner sales to us! Let's ring in the new year together. Click here to find out more.

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