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Bees & Honey, August 27

A great time was had by all on the last Wednesday of August at the Food Connection!

Tonight's presentation was given by the friendly folks at Hives for Humanity. They gave an impassioned talk on all things bees including how the complex world of hives are formed and the function of the drones, workers, and queen bees. They answered many questions including the role of the beekeepers in maintaining healthy hives. They also told us about the 75 hives they manage around the Lower Mainland and how we can get involved, either by attending their Monday workshops, volunteering or starting up our own backyard hives.

As an added bonus we were treated to a honey tasting of the various Vancouver neighbourhood honeys and we even made our own wax candles. An informative and fun evening all in all!

To learn about the world of bees and how to roll your own bees wax candle, check out our Bee & Honey page.

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