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Gardening, April 30

For April we devoted our workshop to a topic that is behind all the delicious food we base our Food Connection evenings on: Gardening!

In terms of the growing season, it was the perfect time to dig up (pun intended) our seed collections at home and bring them to swap with each other, since right now lots of veggies can be planted outdoors. We also set some seeds aside for our fieldtrip after to our community garden plot at Dude Chilling Park (aka Guelph Park).

After cleaning up, the warm weather and beautiful sunset accompanied our short walk to the park, and primed us for some twilight gardening. What did we plant? Since our plan is to learn kimchi in the fall, we decided to sow cabbage, scallions, carrots, and radishes. We also threw in some seed potatoes for fun because we had so many.

So, if you're ever in Dude Chilling Park and checking out the cool art sharing box or the beautiful community garden, look for our plot that's labeled MPNH + The Food Connection! Otherwise, you might see the harvested fruits of our labour at a future potluck & workshop.

If you missed out on this workshop, you can go to our Gardening page for a seasonal planting chart, plus tips and resources on starting your own garden. Happy Gardening!

#gardening #seeds #herbs

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