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Pizza Party, September 25

Our biggest gathering yet! 25 hungry people brought an impressive array of locally sourced toppings and were ready to have the pizza party of their lives. For three whole hours the place was a whirlwind of activity, with people buzzing around and the oven continuously churning out our delectable creations.


Instead of the usual potluck + workshop, we started with Ken's workshop on how to make, knead and roll pizza dough. This kind of dough needs to rise overnight, so it was like a cooking show where chefs demo making a dish and then voila, there's the finished product ready to go!

Luckily with the gluten-free crusts there's no overnight process involved, so our buckwheat crust and cauliflower crust were easy demos. Turns out we had lots of pizza experts in our midst, as evident by all the efficient rolling, dough throwing and pizza guards hovering by the oven. People certainly worked enthusiastically for their dinner, though by pizza #15 we were lucky if we could swallow another bite. Somewhere around pizza #8 people started making dessert pizzas, and if you've never tried them, they are the best thing in the world. The best.

My favourite pizzas were the thin crust salami, pesto, mushroom, basil and camembert, as well as the dessert pizza with coconut peanut butter, peaches, plums, chocolate truffle, Lindt chocolate w/ orange peel and ricotta.

For those of you that came: What was your favorite pizza?

#pizza #herbs #cauliflower #buckwheat #yeast #glutenfree

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