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Condiments, August 14

Condiments are staples that you never think twice about buying from the grocery store, but we were delighted to find that they are super easy to make in your own home! Most of you probably already have the ingredients you need for mayonnaise in your kitchen, and oh my is it a luscious treat to make.

This time the workshop was something of a no-brainer, unless you're incapable of following a recipe like I am. Definitely try to make your own condiments, and check out these easy recipes. If you want to break it down, mayonnaise is basically egg yolk + oil, mustard is mustard seed + vinegar, pesto is basil, nuts, oil + garlic, and horseradish paste is horseradish root + vinegar. The horseradish (say it 5 times fast) came from our Sweet Pea garden, and grows quite abundantly. It takes a bit of effort to dig up and peel the thin roots though. I forgot to bring apple cider vinegar to blend with the horseradish, but luckily Steph brought some paste she had already made and we mixed it with sour cream to make a delightful sauce.

We didn't have enough for everyone to take home, so I let a few people take one home on the condition that they had to make something with it and share a photo of what they made. So at the end of this month's photo gallery we have pictured Fei's dish with squash, tomato, corn and mustard, and then perogies with pesto, horseradish and mayo (a condiment fest)!

Question for you: What other condiments are easy to make at home? Tell us below!

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